ANTHROVATION! A Rite of Passage Board Game

Moving from the outer edges of your life's variables up to the "mountaintop." How do you successfully navigate a rite of passage?

Moving from the outer edges of your life's variables up to the "mountaintop." How do you successfully navigate a rite of passage?

There are 3 variables in your life that you need to balance -- personal, professional and organizational. To make this even simpler, it boils down to your self, your skills/knowledge, and your group(s). To take it one more level it is who you think you are, what you know and do, and how you get along with others. You can apply this logic from infancy to old age, from grade school to grad school, and of course through all your phases of work. To add one other dimension to it , you can think about the cultural, social and economic pressures on these three parts of your life and how they impact your decisions, behaviors and actions. 

In everyone's life you go through very specific rites of passage (e.g. adolescence, marriage, first job, etc). During these times, the tension between these three areas of your life are very front and center. But in reality we are constantly balancing these variables everyday and, you might even say, in low level rites of passage at all times.

Why call it a rite of passage? Or draw attention to these moments as rites of passage? Because the interplay of these three variables define your identity, who you are, and literally map your destiny! And to leave this process up to chance seems like a wasted opportunity to have intentionality and control over your life course. 

For all of these reasons, I have created Anthrovation -- a rite of passage game, to give people a chance, a structured moment, in a playful format, to openly evaluate these three variables in people's lives. In so doing you get to assess and evaluate how you are doing, decide on any changes you might want to make, and most importantly where to start/begin a path forward. 

Because many people feel the most pressure in their career, profession, workplace, and work/life balance, Anthrovation is clearly useful for this phase of people's lives.

In addition, Anthrovation can be used within organizations to focus on individual and team growth as well as departmental issues.

Businesses can also use Anthrovation to focus on the three variables and how they play out for the success of the business and its relationships with its customers.

But Anthrovation can also be used at any life/situational stage. High schoolers making college decisions, stay at home moms entering the work force, career shifting, and other life events both positive and potentially traumatic are well suited to the Anthrovation process. 

I came to Anthrovation because I am a cultural anthropologist with 25 years working in business and academia. As cultural anthropologists, we know that our lives are a series of constructions that we either consciously or subconsciously link to one another. By helping companies and students "innovate" (or Anthrovate!) I have seen the value of intentionally focusing on these life variables and rites of passage -- and how this process positively impacts people and businesses.

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