Data Don't Think

Put that on a bumper sticker. I'm at a group lunch at work and artificial intelligence comes up. "Well it depends if you focus on the artificial or the intelligence,” says somebody at the table. Yeah, cuz data don't think. I'm drinking coffee and jamming out on the power of predictive analytics and machine learning with a crazy brilliant Business Intelligence colleague. "What really matters are the questions we ask and the stories we tell (sell?)," he says [well more or less, that is mostly me interpreting what he said, but I bet he would concur]. Yeah, cuz data don't think. Don't get me wrong, I am actually diving deep into big data. There are great things we can do with it. But my core is softie soft qualitative data -- direct observation (data are observations after all). But my self says to me "but what's really important is how I process what I see and how I disseminate it to others in order to help them understand better and to do something with it." Yeah, cuz data don't think. I am saying absolutely nothing that is new, nor that many don't know. But the big data revolution has become one big shiny bauble luring us into false hopes. Data is great and more of it is available than ever. But be careful, cuz...well you know.


Photo by Cody Davis on Unsplash