Cultural Breakdown (?)

I'm a college professor for 20 year olds. Apparently this "re-cession generation" is hard to figure out. Some might say they're experiencing a cultural "breakdown." Or that our society is experiencing a cultural "breakdown." As a cultural anthropologist, one who studies culture, I find the way the word "cultural" is used as problematic and misunderstood (not just in this case but all the time). I also find the use of the word breakdown as problematic. A student in my class said, "isn't culture kind of always breaking down, not fixed, static and fluid?" Exactly. And I also think that the use of the word breakdown is definitely meant in a negative sense. Why can't breaking down be a good thing -- like a cultural renaissance or resurgence or opportunity? Certainly my students see it that way. But then they don't have much power in determining which "cultural" path is right. People need to know that culture is a verb. Culture is about the way we learn things, and how that knowledge is shared, and the symbols and objects that reflect that shared knowledge. Yes, that stuff is currently breaking down. But something is emerging. And it's like water flowing through stone, it will change things. But better to think and act as if it is an opportunity than a "breakdown" from which we see little hope.