Work at Gates Foundation

A former research director at Context landed a position at the Gates Foundation and I was lucky enough to get out there and work on a project with them. The experience was transformational for me. The "social innovation" movement is in full swing and it was my chance to see it in action. In short, the same processes for business and tech innovation are at work in places like Gates to create "social innovations." The Foundation is committed to creating technological solutions to improve people's lives around the world. The people you find working at Gates could seamlessly switch to jobs in the world's leading tech companies. It's great to see and be part, if only a small one, in this work. I certainly hope I get a chance to do more work in this "category."  A quick note on the picture above. Bill and Melinda gates clearly are managed for best optics on their global trips. But the two of them seem visibly engaged and fully immersed in these experiences. Empathy.