informed design

Context integrated its ethnographic services with idfive, a world class integrated marketing and communications firm. 

At idfive, we believe in Informed Design, where research, insight, and experience drive creative. More than logos and layouts—it’s strategy, data, and code. Here, there’s no room for egos and artistic self-indulgence. Only beautiful solutions.

As Chief Anthropologist at idfive, Robbie oversees two efforts. First, Robbie integrates ethnographic research and anthropological ways of knowing across all projects -- from kick-off to execution. Second, Robbie helps build out "ethno thinking"…creating mindsets, subverting logics, building processes, and forging tools, to help peoplerefresh the way we think about how humanity works, and how to make humanity work better. 

idfive specializes in integrated marketing, mobile and web development, branding, social media, UX and UI, and media buying. 

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