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The American Dream has changed. Our culture is going through a "rite of passage." We are measuring the quality of our lives in social terms before economic ones. Our 2009 quantitative survey and 2008 ethnography document this "Coming of Age." We offer insights and recommendations on how to navigate the future as the new Grounded Consumers... Context's brand of ethnography is based on a desire to get to the roots of consumer behavior and provide answers for "why" people behave the way that they do. We call this getting to the Deep Structure. The Deep Structure is the place beneath the surface of easily observed behaviors... The Associated Press, Context, and Carton Donofrio Partners released a report that examines key findings from their study of advertising consumption among American consumers and reveals a new model of Communication: an Information Communitas. Jim Kennedy, AP's Director of Strategic Planning said, "There is a new way to engage consumers in the digital age based on transparent, honest and two-way communication.." Sometimes you just need a quick and smart ethnography that you can put to work right away. That's why we created ethnostorm - an event that immerses you in your customers' lives and provides immediate actionable insights to guide your work. Read on for more information...
About Context Consumer Insights

Context Consumer Insights provides a lens into consumer behavior based on our ethnographic research. This year, we cover the Grounded Consumer. We will identify key pieces that comprise this insight, illustrate examples from the marketplace and offer recommendations on what to do with this information from a marketing and product development standpoint.

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