Observation  CX | UX  ETHNOGRAPHY  mobile  

  • Observation where your customers interact with your brand, products, and services.
  • Customer journey mapping to establish the highs, lows and opportunities.
  • UX to zero in on how we;; technology's motivating behavior.
  • Ethnography to add the cultural element
  • Ideation to choose key go-to-market strategies and solutions

ANALYSIS, ideation, AND Solutions  

  • Develop interview and observation guides to understand experience as constructed by users.
    • Relate experience in their own words
    • Multi-sited, coordinated field team 
  • Follow similar structure for observation
  • Write observation reports
  • Emergent themes
  • Narrative Arcs
  • Storytelling -- bringing to life
  • Visualize Data
    • Help people quickly internalize the insights
    • people quickly find a way apply these insights to their work
    • people have tools to socialize/communicate these findings to others.
  • Graphic recording
    •  Captures all of the day’s learning on 4’ by 6’ murals that surround the room (see above).
    • Recording stimulates creative contribution and big-picture thinking among participants,
    • Produces an engaging record to communicate with the rest of the company after presentation and working session
    • Makes final presentations more engaging and productive. 
Presentation: Internalization and socialization tools

Presentation: Internalization and socialization tools